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Mayo is Ireland's Escort Capital
5 March 2013
County Mayo has the highest number of escorts advertising their services in Ireland, according to a cross-county survey by the Immigrant Council of Ireland, with Castlebar identified as the main hotspot, followed by Ballina. Denise Charlton, Chief Executive of IC, said in a statement that gardaí have confirmed that around 800 women offer escort services on the web in Ireland every day.

Star Editor "Resigns" 25 November 2012
The editor of the Irish Daily Star newspaper, Michael O'Kane, has been forced to resign over his decision to publish topless photos of Kate Middleton. Media tycoon Richard Desmond, whose Northern and Shell group co-owns the paper, had threatened to shut it down. Desmond made his fortune publishing soft porn magazines including Asian Babes.
Click here to see the Middleton photos.

Clondalkin Girl Is New Miss Universe Ireland 3 November 2012
Adrienne Murphy was crowned Miss Universe Ireland 2012 at the Ballsbridge Hotel last Friday night. The 22-year old stunner from Clondalkin will receive a lucrative modelling contract and a range of prizes including clothing and jewellery, and she will represent Ireland at Donald Trumpís Miss Universe finals in Los Vegas.

Dublin Woman's Sex Confessions Become Best Seller 28 October 2012
"Can You Keep a Secret?", a book about the exploits of 24-year-old Dublin woman, "Katie Collins", has become a worldwide best-seller. In it, she recounts how she met people in chat rooms on websites like Alternative Ireland and became involved in the swinging and fetish scene, regularly attending sex parties in the south Dublin area.

Oops! Priest Shows Private Gay Porn To Parents By Mistake! 2 April 2012
Fr. Martin McVeigh projected the gay porn images onto a screen during a meeting for parents in Pomeroy in preparation for First Holy Communion. The parents said McVeigh quickly removed the memory stick. "He was visibly shaken and flustered," they said. "He gave no explanation or apology, and bolted from the room." It could happen to a bishop.

Why Ireland Has So Many Pubs?
16 March 2012
It seems that human males are not the only species that turns to drink when they canít get laid. Scientists have found that male fruit flies that have been rejected by females drink significantly more alcohol than those that have mated freely. In an article in Science, researchers suggest that alcohol stimulates the flies' brains as a "reward" in a similar way to sexual conquest.

Sinéad Threatens To Bare Her Ass
11 March 2012
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Sedate the horses. Glenageary warbler, Sinead "Is-There-No-Getting-Away-From-Her" O'Connor has told UK magazine The Word that she wants to be a Playboy centrefold. "There's so much I wouldn't do when I was younger and I was too miserable and Irish," she is quoted as saying. "A Playboy shoot is on my list."
For the love of God, Sinéad, please, nooo!

Sex on the Beach 18 Feb 2012
Gardai in Donegal have confirmed reports that Eastern European prostitutes are plying their trade on Bundoran beach Ė in broad daylight. The women are apparently being pimped by a criminal gang that has set up base in the town. One can only marvel at the optimism of the mastermind who thought it would be a good idea to pimp hookers on a deserted Irish beach in the middle of winter,

Scrap "Subsidy for Sex" says O'Leary
28 Nov 2011
Michael OíLeary has called on the Irish government to scrap childrenís allowance payments, calling them a "subsidy" for people to have sex. "Weíre borrowing from European banks to pay my wife childrenís allowance when I clearly donít need it. I think itís absurd", he said. Last week he floated the idea of offering porn on Ryanair flights.

Youngest Ever Mr. Gay Ireland 18 Nov 2011
Twenty-one-year-old Steven Baitson has been selected as Mr Gay Ireland 2012. Steven from Ayrfield, Dublin 13 represented Wrights in Swords in the event, where he works as a host. In his acceptance speech at the Arlington Hotel, Steven said everyone should mix together in Ireland and that all venues must be welcoming to people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Walsh "No Groper" 11 Nov 2011
An unemployed dance instructor has been told he could be sent to prison after admitting to falsely accusing X Factor judge Louis Walsh of molesting him in Dublin's Krystle nightclub last April. Leonard Watters pleaded guilty to making two false reports to garda that the pop music mogul groped him. Judge Dermot Dempsey adjourned sentencing to January 25, 2012. Full story

Money, Sex and Big Lips 6 Nov 2011
Dublin socialite Lisa Murphy will be one of the stars of a new TV3 reality series, "The Real Housewives Of South Dublin", based on the US TV show, "Real Housewives", but featuring well-known Irish women. The other celebs tipped to be taking part include fashion designer and television personality Virginia Macari and Botox queen Dr Danielle Meagher.
Waterford Street Artist Pulls Off "Most Audacious Stunt" 21 March 2013
Waterford's most famous native, the renowned street artist known only as "Mossey", whose al fresco works of art are now changing hands for millions of euros, has delighted the art world by creating a new masterpiece on the back wall of a well-known council estate. Click here to watch WWTV's exclusive interview with the elusive artist.

Statue Had Sex Change 3 December 2012
It has come to light that one of Dublin's best known sculptures, on the wall of Treasury Building on Dublinís Canal Street, had to undergo a "sex change" because former billionaire Johnny Ronan objected to a naked man climbing up the wall outside his office. He told the artist, Rowan Gillespie: "Thereís no way I want a naked man climbing up my wall - change it to a woman". Hmm....

Dog Sex Man Convicted 5 November 2012
Séan McDonnell (58) pleaded guilty to one count of buggery with a German Shepherd dog at his home on October 7th, 2008. The Court heard that he had arranged for a woman to have sex with his dog. He had met her on an internet chat room. The 48-year-old woman from Co Limerick died in hospital hours after engaging in an act of bestiality with the animal. Sentencing was adjourned.

Ireland's Sexiest Man? 1 November 2012
And Ireland's "most desirable man" is.... (drumroll, please)... Leo Delaney, who has just won this year's Mr. Ireland title. Leo, who is a full-time model, will now go on to represent Ireland in the Mr. World contest to be held in the UK on 24 November. According to his model agency, Leo's vital statistics are: Height 6', Eyes Blue, Shoe Size 9, Dick Length 7". There's a photo for the ladies here.

Irish Have Twice As Much Sex As Brits
21 July 2012
A survey conducted by Red C has found that Irish couples have sex on average 8 times a month, or 96 times a year - twice as often as couples in the UK. The research found that Cork couples topped the league as the nation's most sexually active, with Dublin couples coming - so to speak - a close second. 871 couples took part in the survey.

Connolly Goes Dogging 11 March 2012
In an extraordinary tour de force of investigative journalism, TV3's Paul Connolly "lifted the lid" (and similar cliches) on Irish attitudes to sexuality and made the shocking discovery that Irish people do, indeed, have sex. Even more worryingly, some of them even seem to enjoy it. Watch it here and marvel at how Connolly infiltrates a shop, a pub and a car park. What a guy!

Castlebar Man Had 19 Wives 5 March 2012
Mayo man, Oliver Killeen, who once had a bogus psychologistís practice in Ireland, has been jailed for 3 months in Toronto, Canada, on conviction for the first of 19 fraudulent marriages in a 30-year bigamy spree during which he married women in Canada, Britain and Ireland, usually disappearing around the same time they found out their lifeís savings had also vanished.

Irish Clubs Go Hi Tech 15 Nov 2011
Irish clubbers can now use RFID tags to trigger Facebook status updates to tell friends what food they are enjoying and post photos. Member accounts are synched with an RFID key fob. Every time they swipe the fob on a staff memberís tablet computer it prompts accounts to upload a photo, food or drink image. Clubs involved include Krystle in Dublin and Havana Browns in Cork.

It's Official: The Irish Are Sluts! 14 Nov 2011
A survey carried out by Durex has revealed that one in ten Irish people have had sex with a new lover after only an hour of meeting them, while one in five respondents confessed to getting into the sack with someone new after knowing them for less than two hours. The survey also found that people from Cork are the most sexually active and promiscuous in Ireland. Full story

Sinéad Has "Sex Op" in US 12 Nov 2011
Sinéad O'Connor, pictured here with veteran rocker Debbie Harry in Los Angeles, has undergone a procedure which is purported to increase sexual pleasure. "I have taken it upon myself to explore all things sexual on behalf of all Irish women," she wrote in her blog. The singer, who was in LA to attend an AIDS benefit gig, turned up with a shaved head and a tattoo of Jesus on her chest.

Pop Goes the Weasel 8 Nov 2011
Flamboyant bar-and-restaurant owner Jay Bourke, the self-styled business guru who appeared on RTE's 'The Mentor' programme advising the owners of small companies how to succeed in business, has become the latest casualty of the economic crash. Irish tax authorities have petitioned the High Court to have his company, Sherland Entertainment, wound up.

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