Twelve Ways to Make Yourself Unrecognisable in Your Profile Photo

If you are worried about being recognised from your profile photo, you really shouldn't be. Millions of people all over the world are members of online adult social networks. It has become the accepted norm for people to socialize and meet like-minded others online. Alternative Ireland is merely a social network for liberal-minded adults. Bear in mind, also, that your profile photo can only be seen by other members.
But if, for reasons of your own, you would really prefer not to be recognisable from your profile photo (eg, if you are the Bishop of Kerry, or you're gay and still in the closet), then there are various simple tricks you can use to make yourself less recognisable. These methods won't obscure your features completely, but they will make identification far less likely.

Wear Shades
One of the simplest and most effective ways to disguise yourself in a photo is to wear sunglasses. A person's eyes are their most distinctive feature. When they are covered, the person is immediately 75% less recognisable.
A fun photo of a girl blowing a soap bubble, but the refraction of the light passing through the bubble produces a slight optical distortion of her features, making her less recognisable. Glass objects can also be used to create the same slight distortion.
Crop the Photo
A cropped photo can still convey a reasonably good idea of what the subject looks like - but at the same time makes it far more difficult for anyone to recognise them. But be careful not to crop off too much.
Wear A Mask
In this photo it is possible to see that the subject is a pretty girl - yet the mask makes her almost completely unrecognisable.
Shades, Hand Over Mouth
There are several different elements at work in this photo to make recognition difficult. The subject is wearing sunglasses, and her hand is covering part of her face. You get an idea of what she looks like, but you probably wouldn't recognise her even if you knew her.
Blowing smoke while your photo is being taken is another trick to partially conceal your features. Needless to say, we at Alternative Ireland don't condone smoking.
If you take a photo of yourself in a mirror, using flash (or positioning a bright light behind and to the side of your head), you can get a picture in which your features are partially obscured by the flash. Again, be careful not to overdo it (as the guy in this photo did).
If you are just the right distance away from the camera when your photo is taken, your general appearance will be apparent, but your features will not be recognisable. The trick is to get the distance just right.
Shades & Crop
Here is another example of using a combination of cropping the photo and wearing sunglasses to make recognition far less likely.
Again, it is possible to see that the subject of the photo is an attractive young woman - yet flowers are hiding her jawline, mouth and chin, greatly reducing the chances of her being recognised.
Behind the Shower Screen
If you have a transparent shower screen you can take a photo of yourself standing behind it (preferable with the hot water running) to obtain a slightly blurred yet steamy image. Again, be careful not to overdo it. And don't forget to wash behind your ears.
Cartoonize Yourself
A "cartoonized" photo is acceptable as a profile image, as long as it isn't overly distorted. Again, it has to convey a reasonably good idea of what you look like. You can cartoonize your photo at

These are just a few ideas. You can probably think of others. The point to remember is that, even if you are not recognisable from your photo, at least at first glance, it has to convey a reasonably good idea of what you look like. Remember, a profile image is required.
Finally, please avoid the temptation to use somebody else's photo as your profile pic. This will only cause you problems down the line if and when you connect with someone online who wants to meet you in person, or when you are invited to a parties and other events. Keep it real.

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